ACE hay Hole-in-One

ACE hay Hole-in-One

12/06/2017   |   Đăng bởi Hoa Tùng

Doesn't often happen. But when your tee shot drops into the hole, you've got a hole in one!

How often?

Just 37 aces have been recorded in the 102-year history of the United States Open Championship. Although three of them occurred in the 2002 Open at Bethpage Black in Farmingdale.

Andrew Miller shot one of those three on the last round of the 2002 event. Why mention it? Because his father, Johnny (a past Open winner) also had a hole in one some thirty years earlier, making them the first father/son duo to have aces in the history of the championship.

If you stroke a hole-in-one, be sure to report that feat to the starter when you return to the clubhouse. It is customary to receive a fancy certificate to commemorate the day.

And if anyone witnessed your achievement, be sure to buy them a beer! It's tradition.