ALICE - Cú đánh chỉ thiên

ALICE - Cú đánh chỉ thiên

14/06/2017   |   Đăng bởi Hoa Tùng

Alice để chỉ cú đánh lỗi từ tee bay thẳng lên trời chứ không có vẻ như bay xa tới vùng mong muốn. Điều này xảy ra bởi golfer đưa đầu gậy golf vào bóng trên tee quá thấp, làm quỹ đạo bóng cứ như tiến thẳng tới mặt trăng.


The nickname is a friendly taunt. But it's not used much any more because the reference is woefully outdated except for the New York region. 

In the 1950s and 1960s, late actor Jackie Gleason played the character of Ralph Kramden, a Brooklyn bus driver in the classic television program called 'The Honeymooners'. The character's wife was named Alice played by actress Audrey Meadows. 

So how does this connect to golf? 

Whenever Kramden would lose patience with Alice, he'd make a gesture threatening violence by pounding his fist into the other palm, then flattening the fist to mimick a projectile which he then raised high into the air. To this he'd say "You know where you're going, Alice? You're going to the moon! Bang! Zoom!" 

Now don't laugh at us because we are not the ones who suggested naming a sky shot "Alice". We have no idea who did make this association. But for whatever reason, it stuck. 

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