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A player's gross score when adjusted (reduced) according to the rules of Equitable Stroke Control and / or any special local conditions (when approved by a sanctioning body).

Okay. That was a mouthful. What does it mean?

There are three scores that a player can talk about for a given round of golf:
• Gross
• Adjusted Gross
• Net

Gross is simply the player's raw total of strokes for the round, including any penalty strokes. So if Rachel stroked the ball 90 times over eighteen holes and she had two penalty strokes, her gross score would be 92.

To see how she fared against her competition, she would then deduct the number of handicap strokes she is entitled to for the difficulty of the tees that she played. Say that she is entitled to 14 strokes that day.

Rachel would subtract fourteen from ninety-two to arrive at 78, which is called her Net Score.

She will compare her Net Score against the Net Score of her opponents to determine who won this competition (assuming it was stroke play).

So what is "Adjusted Gross"?

It is Rachel's Gross Score adjusted by a process known as Equitable Stroke Control. This is done before calculating her new handicap.

It is important to understand that "Adjusted Gross" has meaning only when calculating Rachel's updated handicap. Adjusted Gross is never used to determine who won a given competition.

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